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man (39) from San Francisco
Likes: bellydancing
Dislikes: fat bellydancers

"I can turn off street lamps using telekinesis . I know why there is braille on drive up ATM machines. I can bake 30 minute cookies in 36 minutes."


man (26) from Boston
Likes: I like eating, musics, movies, and walking by the beach with my love ones.
Dislikes: I hate liars

"I'm honest, Sincere, Loving, truly romantic. I believe in treating people as i would like to be treated with kindness and respect. I believe that a"


man (55) from alabama
Likes: Humble and working woman
Dislikes: Cheating woman

"I am David Ashton a solicitor who hail from Texas. my dad is from Texas USA while my mum is England, I have a baby girl of 15year old and"


man (44) from los angeles
Likes: honesty
Dislikes: dishonest

"I am an open minded person,trustworthy,cool,loving,caring,understanding, down to earth.I been straight and want same in return cos i wont treat"


man (50) from New york
Likes: honest people,respect,trust
Dislikes: dishonesty

"I'm Bruce hodges, works for the united states army and currently boy is 10and studies in Nicosia, cyprus.....I'm a widower seeking"


man (21) from Torrance
Likes: sex
Dislikes: nada

"Tyrone Mixed"


man (51) from brooklyn
Likes: a honest and humble person
Dislikes: liars

"I am very simple person and respect who ever deserve it,i would like to meet a serios and woman suitable doe a wife loving and caring."


man (51) from Orlando
Likes: Honesty
Dislikes: Dishonesty

"I am easy going Person, i am honest and caring ,focus and i know what i am looking for on here , i know what is takes to build a very happy home"


man (62) from GreenBoro
Likes: being truthful and religious
Dislikes: fake friends

"In as much as i a God fearing man i will like to meet with a humble and God fearing partner as well."


man (38) from Birmingham
Likes: a opening minded women...for fun...etc..
Dislikes: a women that is not opening

"Im just down....for fun...and let luv"


man (32) from Nashville
Likes: Any beautiful woman
Dislikes: Men of any type

"Open to all women"


man (31) from Des Moines
Likes: dancing, walking,singing,hiking
Dislikes: dirty fingernails

"A beautiful fun girl wants to be spoiled."


man (49) from Fort Lauderdale
Likes: cooking, travelling, reading having fun
Dislikes: lies, cheats, unfaitful people and ungreatful as well

"I am a confident person who's kind, smart, trustworthy, supportive, loving, outgoing, down to earth, and respectful. I`m looking for a long term"


man (44) from san miguel
Likes: honesty and open minded people.
Dislikes: lies,cheat,materialistic and self centeredness.

"i am very free and fun,i love kids and fun to be with,i am natural and would like my woman to be fee and open to me,she should be able to discuss"


man (60) from Burbank
Likes: walks on the beach or mountains, movies, dinners out ,
Dislikes: rude people ,

"I am older man looking for young lady to be in my life and help each other be happy"


man (23) from Los Angeles
Likes: sex
Dislikes: not having sex

"incredible at sex"


man (52) from Houston
Likes: Honesty
Dislikes: Lies

"I am a gentle man who is thoughtful, kind, down to earth, caring, compassionate and intellectually stimulating. One who is spontaneous at times"


man (44) from Provo
Likes: Honesty
Dislikes: Liars

"Easy going, warm, caring, honest, loyal, humorous, intelligent looking for someone to get to know and the possibility of finding that one in a"


man (50) from salem
Likes: honesty
Dislikes: pretense

"I am a gentle happy going man who knows what he wants and loves family dearly.Sooooo a little about me.Im youthful,got a personality that is"


man (52) from Kingsland
Likes: Music, golf, movies.... Dancing in the moonlight
Dislikes: I'm down for most , but don't like druggies

"Golfer musician, great lover, and a true craftsman.... Looking for beautiful.... woman to have fun with...."


man (44) from san diego
Likes: ticklish, fun, sexy, intelligent, funny, artistic, creaitve, resourceful
Dislikes: smoking, gambling, lying, materialistic, selfish, greedy, fat, jealous

"I would like to meet a woman who is beautiful, and knows how to be a lady. A woman whose heart is just as important as her looks. Someone who likes"


man (47) from boiling spring
Likes: Truthful, Romantic, beautiful, thoughtful, loving......
Dislikes: Criminals, lairs, cheats, talkative.....etc

"I'm looking for someone who is diverse. A woman, not a girl. Someone who knows love is stronger than pride and knows the difference between"


man (46) from miami
Likes: all that life has to offer
Dislikes: wasting precious time

"amazing people out there i'd like to meet them"


man (33) from nantucket
Likes: openminded lady
Dislikes: lier

"am hardworking, loving an caring"


man (46) from los angeles
Likes: friendly and lovely people
Dislikes: jealousy

"Just a nice man who loves having fun"


man (52) from FL
Likes: Transparency
Dislikes: liars

"A healthy and good looking hard working Man with a good sense of humor, single, caring,love to smiles and fun to be with, very transparent. Will tell"


man (41) from albany
Likes: honesty
Dislikes: lies

"am a jolly good fellow who goes for who i want.i want a relationship that can metamorphose to marriage.if you aint game,please check the guy next"


man (46) from bronx
Likes: Being Straight forward and realistic
Dislikes: fakers and unfaithfulness

"An easy going person who builds a lot of belief in everybody i get close with, respect and contribute to the happiness of anybody i get to be with"


man (51) from seal beach
Likes: honest, caring, attractive
Dislikes: i don't like thos who lie

"I take good care of myself, financially/emotionally secure, athletic and fun. I enjoy new adventures, travelling, music like rock, blues, jazz,"


man (31) from Detroit
Likes: Pretty Face
Dislikes: Dirty Mouth

"I'm a good man looking for a good woman."


man (40) from 11412
Likes: Girls who want to have fun
Dislikes: Smokers

"I am a professional and seeking to meet ladies who are open to have no complicated pleasure ..."


man (43) from Morrivalle
Likes: Honesty, a Fun loving woman that respects and care for me, a person with a big heart,
Dislikes: dishonesty in a relationship....

"I am always a happy and funny person to be with * Open minded and serious * Romantic person with a big warm heart * I do always see the best in"


man (63) from califonia

"i am searching for a long term and life relationship some body who i can spend the rest of my life together with."


man (22) from Kansas City
Likes: swimming, eating, music, going to the movies
Dislikes: anxiety, overbearingness,

"I am a college student, back in kansas city for the summer and looking for some fun! I am primarily looking for someone who i can get along with,"


man (31) from Cleveland
Likes: To be happy at all times,walks on the beach,picnics,swiming,music and love to dance
Dislikes: Lies,cheats and dishonesty

"I am a cool,calm and collected young man,hardworking,romantic and very understanding and i would like to me my other half here.Someone i could be"


man (48) from Dorchester
Likes: Honesty, Loyalty and Cherful Giver
Dislikes: Liers, Haters

"Am a nice God Fearing Personnel. Add me and see how friendly i can become"


man (60) from Tampa
Likes: Honesty
Dislikes: Cheaters

"I am an outgoing person that enjoys social events as much as spending time with a few good friends over a cocktail, movies, sporting events or small"


man (43) from lake city
Likes: fun stuffs generally and meeting new people
Dislikes: lies and dishonesty

"Hey! Native Floridian living in "lake city"".I'm searching for a friend/partner-in-crime. Are you out there? If so, say hi. i would like to meet an"


man (37) from NY
Likes: I'm a naturally kinky and adventurous person who like the same in my sexual partner
Dislikes: Someone who is afraid to be free

"I'm a naturally kinky and adventurous person who like the same in my sexual partner. If you are open to exploration and discovery of the insanely"


man (51) from qeens
Likes: I like camping, fishing ,cycling, biking, movies, golf, all kinds of the in
Dislikes: i dislike liers

"I would describe myself as an easy going man, thats very composed and like doing things i would learn from instead of wasting my time doing something"


man (45) from MPLS



man (24) from West Covina
Likes: Chill girl who know what she wants
Dislikes: Girl unsure of what she wants

"Im a mellow fellow."


man (52) from albany
Likes: honest and sincere people
Dislikes: liars and cheaters

"am an honest man who know how to treat a woman , respect and care for my partner."


man (29) from alabama
Likes: loving and selfless people
Dislikes: liars and hypocrite

"im a down to earth guy and compassionate and i would love to meet a nice cute lady and well to do...for more info about me inbox me..."


man (39) from miami
Likes: a fun loving matured women, who will understand that boundaries are not hindrance to love.
Dislikes: lies and deceit

"I am Duke Haastrup, from West Africa but stayes in Miami Florida. Loves to hang out and am a gogo person."


man (49) from Henderson
Likes: Simple things
Dislikes: Lies

"I`m a fun loving man ,easy to mingle and honest. I would like to meet a woman who knows exactly what she wants and not a twisted woman who has"


man (30) from Cambridge
Likes: sweet, honest, hardworking women with curves and beautiful features ;)
Dislikes: lying, lazy, and unmotivated women or someone who isn't honest with me. Be up front.

"I'm a 28 year old medical student working towards becoming a medical doctor. I am a very hardworking person who is focusing on trying to better"


man (29) from carlsbad
Likes: pussy,boobs sexxxxxxxxxxx music, fun
Dislikes: lie,

"i like to fun"


man (41) from brooklyn
Likes: honest
Dislikes: lier

"I am a friendly Spanish from New York,enjoy meeting new and friendly (sincere) people. I've a sweet and little Spanish accent voice and have"


man (45) from Philadelphia
Likes: I like camping, fishing ,cycling, biking, movies, golf, all kinds of sports...
Dislikes: I dislike cheating and being lied at...

"I'm Single and completely unattahced and would be glad if i encounter a woman of high calibar,good attitude,self respect and ambition.A woman"


man (38) from chalotte
Likes: Asian or hispanic, full figure, long hair, nice smile
Dislikes: girls with attitudes

"light skinned brother from NC. Nice eyes, great smile"


man (49) from 90001
Likes: I like to read people most of all, that is intriguing to me.. I love my church,
Dislikes: Liers, Lazy

"here's nothing better than a woman who is confident but not shy, has a great smile, sense of humor, can laugh at herself, bring on stimulating"


man (36) from bevely hills
Likes: honest and God fearing people
Dislikes: unfaithful people

"I am fun to be with and am interested in meeting a lady who would love me truly"


man (47) from Brooklyn
Likes: i like good manners
Dislikes: i dislike lies and cheat

"i am a good man, humble, caring and loving"


man (27) from Jacksonville
Likes: You
Dislikes: Stuff -_-

"21 I'm currently in the Military, stationed in Texas just looking for a special friend if you know what I mean hehehe"


man (48) from Dallas
Likes: I like swimming,camping,traveling,meeting new faces and places and i also like the pool.
Dislikes: i dislikes lairs, haters, cheaters, disturbances and laziness..

"God is first in my life. My personal relationship with Him is the foundation I am rebuilding my life on.I have had many experiences in many places."


man (45) from los angelese
Likes: Good life
Dislikes: Bad company,lies,cheat.

"I guess im looking for someone to be my best friend, who makes me smile... im not perfect but im a gentleman... im looking for a relationship but"


man (21) from Elizabethton
Likes: Beautiful women who aren't afraid to explore their sexuality
Dislikes: Not a whole lot lol

"I'm here to try and find some women whom I can show the night of their lives to try me out and I promise you'll be satisfied"


man (62) from Bemidji
Likes: affectionate women
Dislikes: game players

"very affectionate, would like to meet very affectionate lady"


man (53) from San Jose
Likes: Honesty, truthfulness and self dependent
Dislikes: lies

"I would love someone who is fun to be around, likes to laugh, joke around, enjoy being outdoors going for long romantic walks, enjoys looking at the"


man (45) from Plattsmouth
Likes: Watch tv in the house, visit my friends, and play video games at home...
Dislikes: Liars, and cheaters...

"I am a very spiritual and philosophical person who definitely marches to the beat of a different drummer!! My sense of humor is on the"


man (54) from Beacon
Likes: turning your puzzy insideout & upsidedown. Cum on Over, Look in about me
Dislikes: stuck up, coceited cock teasers

"Do not leave any message 4 me or contact me thru this site, I will never get 2 read it. I'm not a paying member. If your in or near beacon NY or you"


man (56) from New York
Likes: love
Dislikes: i need a woman

"Hello Dear !!! I am Mr Henry Lincoln, looking forward to meeting a caring & serious woman for life experience who beleives and have the fear of"


man (37) from Natchitoches
Likes: TV,Internet, Movies, PS2 , Writing
Dislikes: anchovies and mushroom

"Recently divorced and looking to move on, can you help?"


man (37) from Leesville
Likes: women of all kinds as well as TV, Movies, Video Games, and the Martial Arts
Dislikes: mushrooms and anchovies and spicy food

"I would like to meet someones like myself only female. I do not care much about looks. I look inside a woman to see what she has."


man (33) from tulsa
Likes: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Dislikes: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



man (59) from bellville
Likes: Sexy provacative unhinhibited women
Dislikes: the opposite

"I am happy, kind, fun, congenial, and looking to meet women for NSA discreet encounters, no commitment. I love giving oral for hours. My email"


man (77) from Hillsboro
Likes: Straight forward women, I like cuddely and romantic women.
Dislikes: Smart Alecks...!

"Hello, I am often too busy with so much to do, that while I'm doing for others I often forget about ME! However I never forget to say thank you"


man (63) from Newark
Likes: sexy babes
Dislikes: lairs

"just an ol kountry boy looking for a sweet babe :)"


man (63) from Cleveland
Likes: younger women
Dislikes: scammers

"I'd like to meet someone for an intimate lasting relationship and someone who might like to have children"


man (56) from Sacramento
Likes: i like people with open heart and who are sincere to be trust
Dislikes: i hate lies and disapportment

"I am a honest man that like to be happy always and love family as they are my great value , like sports , traveling , sight seeing , movies , music ,"


man (58) from Casper,WY.
Likes: travel,music of all types,cuddling while watching a good movie,hot passionate nites
Dislikes: druggies,women who abuse alcohol, ppl that lie if you can't tell the truth then don't talk

"I'm a well educated hisp male that loves to travel,and is fortunate enough to have an occupation that allows and requires it. I am pretty easy"


man (39) from cayote
Likes: straight and simple personalities
Dislikes: phoney people

"i am an hand some and simple guy"


man (31) from Bangkok
Likes: God's creature
Dislikes: nothing

"Tell ya later"


man (36) from branchville
Likes: intellectual and good hearted people
Dislikes: ignorance



man (45) from illinios
Likes: i like honesty
Dislikes: i dislike unfaithfulness

"i am a responsible good looking guy i work in a computer ware house ,iplay baseketball during my leisure time ,ilove pop music &ialso love watching"


man (28) from Dallas
Likes: My passion
Dislikes: Orders

"anyone old or young, good or bad, anyone who has a good heart"


man (44) from clarendon
Likes: a person who is kind
Dislikes: angry people

"I am a single father.i like the outdoors ,my boys,and people who are kind and not angry all the time. I WOULD LIKE TO MEET A WOMAN !Child like"


man (67) from naples
Likes: peace,art,music esp. classic jazz, chess, good wine, the beach and photography.
Dislikes: war, violence and intolerance.

"Hello, I live in south west Florida on the Gulf coast. My passions are the beauty that nature has to offer. I play the trumpet and enjoy jazz and"


man (47) from richmond
Likes: a lot in a woman
Dislikes: none

"looking for a sweet ,sensual ,open minded woman for playtime , if you would like to send me a message mendengo35(at)AA-OO-and L dottt { com}"