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man (45) from miami
Likes: likes to laugh, joke around, enjoy being outdoors going for long romantic walks, enjoys l
Dislikes: Lies,

"I believe that honesty and communication is the key to any meaningful relationship. I try to treat others as I would like to be treated. I believe"


man (42) from Miami
Likes: Faithful honest giving
Dislikes: Game lies and cheats

"Im an American man that's is a little tired of unfaithful , untruthful relationships. I'm not a jealous person but I will stand up for my lady!"


man (26) from Somelittletown
Likes: An attractive woman with goals. One of enjoys traveling, family, and outdoors.
Dislikes: Dishonesty

"I like to workout, run, travel, fish, hunt, and be with family and friends. On occasion I like to have a good time and drink. Travel is something"


man (58) from atlanta
Likes: Honesty
Dislikes: Dishonest

"I am cool loving and caring person, i love going to cinema, traveling,camping,i love swiming too, looking for a sweet lady to be with"


man (57) from alexander city
Likes: truth and honesty
Dislikes: lies and cheats

"am a simple and honest man, am searching for my angel. the queen of my life"


man (27) from Oakville
Likes: chill life
Dislikes: "girl drama"

"Just a normal guy that want's to meet new friends"


man (47) from los angeles
Likes: friendly
Dislikes: money hungry

"honest person loving caring"


man (25) from Pompano beach
Likes: Open minded
Dislikes: Closed minded

"As don't be shy"


man (39) from new york city

"My name is David Moore well i am from Irish America, but i reside in uk presently"


man (55) from Florida
Likes: Honesty
Dislikes: Lies

"I will tell you later"


man (33) from paterson
Likes: i love women with carriage and love
Dislikes: i dislike eople with lies

"i would love to meet o woman with passion and a woman who is ready to be there for me at all times"


man (33) from NY
Likes: U
Dislikes: U



man (26) from Saint Paul
Likes: Not much
Dislikes: not much

"not much"


man (31) from Sactown
Likes: yep
Dislikes: yep



man (45) from manor
Likes: Love movies, eating out, outdoor activities
Dislikes: dishonesty

"Am caring, compassionate, hardworking and full of life. An introvert when around people that I just met, but once I know them I am another"


man (42) from jersey city
Likes: sports
Dislikes: seafood

"I'm easy going"


man (34) from new york
Likes: food
Dislikes: stupid things



man (62) from vanceboro
Likes: a straight woman
Dislikes: drug users, fakes liars and gaysaa

"I'm a 6-1 182 lb straight male I'm good looking, kind respectful honest, ssincere and down to earth.Presently I'm studying for as degreelocal"


man (39) from Harper Woods
Likes: I real down to earth jazzy female.
Dislikes: hoodrats and more hoodrats

"I would like to meet a nice down to earth jazzy woman that value a relationship and understanding the dynamic between a MAN and WOMAN. I love to"


man (25) from Honolulu
Likes: Outdoors
Dislikes: nothing

"Really dont know what to say here, not even sure if i want to do this"


man (79) from everywhere
Likes: ...
Dislikes: ...



man (31) from alexandria
Likes: people who enjoy life and everything it has to offer and somebody who is good with kids
Dislikes: people who are lazy all the time and people that can't hold a conversation

"I'm 29 I'm in the process of a divorce i enjoy goin out and doing just about anything but also enjoy just sitting around from time to time and just"


man (41) from mexico
Likes: riding
Dislikes: not riding

"I ride, I like it...."


man (54) from Scaramento
Likes: to have fun, taking care of people and laughing with friends and family.
Dislikes: people who don't laugh or don't like to relax and have fun

"Educated, calm, stable man looking for a friend....maybe more"


man (30) from fremont
Likes: food movies
Dislikes: nothing

"i cool"


man (31) from Nashville
Likes: Roller Skating, Reading Books, Talking with people from different cultures
Dislikes: Not much

"a woman who enjoys to talk, goes places, enjoys reading maybe more."


man (47) from Kannapolis
Likes: humor, fun, love, serious relationship,honesty, faithfulness
Dislikes: Lies, Dishonesty, Games

"I am looking for My Best Friend, My Lover, and My Partner. Someone with integrity, who is honest, loyal and faithful.Someone who wants to be equal in"


man (22) from claremonte
Likes: everything beautifull !
Dislikes: evil



man (35) from Arizona
Likes: racing mx
Dislikes: F1

"Dirt Bikes , anything for a thrill , base jumping , girls , parties etc"


man (50) from londbeach
Likes: samsung is out 2012/2013
Dislikes: we do not want scammers here

"m the manager of samsung promo company am hear to help direct winners on how to claim their winning prize from us,and also to help make sure winners"


man (46) from marysville
Likes: peanut m&ms
Dislikes: raisins in my cinn. rolls

"Who knows??"


man (35) from Las Palmas
Likes: Free lifestyle and good music in which i feel well...)))
Dislikes: Country music and stupid nasty girls..(((

"young & slim girl with a black hair and blue eyes.. :D. look"


man (36) from Joplin
Likes: having fun and enjoyn life
Dislikes: dishonest people

" JustAsk"


man (49) from aurora
Likes: honesty
Dislikes: lies

"A loving woman"


man (48) from boston
Likes: Music , good food and wine
Dislikes: politics and bad music

"I'm a song writter and also was a persoanl trainner for many years. I would just like a female who like to have some fun"


man (23) from new york
Likes: respectful cute honest person
Dislikes: no sure

"im 21 and iron worker. I have no real intrestest in western females. I would like to meet a person that knows what a marriage means. Im looking on"


man (53) from Bronx
Likes: someone who cares and have faith
Dislikes: lies and cheating

"Am a honest and respectful man want to meet a woman of faith and have respect as well"


man (37) from HICK CITY
Likes: 1
Dislikes: 2



man (47) from 11001
Likes: If you're seeking a woman who is outgoing, humorous and reliable in any situation, you hav
Dislikes: I'm just that all around type of lady with a lot of versatility and flexibility.

" I am a small town man at heart. I grew up in a loving household, therefore, a stable foundation is important to me. Life can be trying, so why not"


man (23) from sterling
Likes: honest people
Dislikes: People with bad habits

"and sincere girl with good thoughts "


man (55) from Seattle
Likes: Beautiful women with a Ferrari,Adventure, Dogs and Land Rovers
Dislikes: liars

"I worked to bring this site back to life because I believe it is a unique place to meet people internationally and an easy place to interact and"


man (54) from Washington
Likes: later
Dislikes: later



man (27) from atlanta
Likes: dancing. traveling. working. working out.
Dislikes: people who don't like to do or try new things

"I am down to earth and hope to meet someone as such. "


man (44) from CALLA WAY
Likes: honesty
Dislikes: lies..

"I know i am not perfect therefore i try as much as Possible to be meek and humble. I like these kinds of music: any nice good soft song I usually"


man (34) from manhattan
Likes: swimming, reading, doing sports, watchng movies etc
Dislikes: liers

"I am a modest man looking for nice people"


man (25) from Ramsey
Likes: Cars, Electronics, Arts, drawing, carving, painting, music, craft, so creating in general
Dislikes: Smokers, Drugs, people who get drunk on a regular basis,

"I don't normally do this kinds of things but I can't find women my type locally so I'm going to give this website a try. I am artistic, down to"


man (68) from Washington
Likes: vela veci, napr vychod a zapad slnka, prirodu, more, kulturu a sport
Dislikes: aroganciu

"Inteligentnu, vzdelanu zenu so spolocnymi zaujmami pre spolocne aktivity."


man (52) from Zvolenská Slatina
Likes: aj ...dlhé prsníky a úplne vyholené ohanbie
Dislikes: .

"Som odborník na parohy; dámam ich vyrábam len na zakázku a zadarmo !!!! ...môže byť aj stará dievka, respektíve rozvedená, len nech má dobrý"


man (50) from Greenville
Likes: Literature, Music, Film, Art, Cooking, Sports, Parties
Dislikes: Dishonesty, Violence, Thievery, Promiscuity, Poor Hygiene

"I am an educated, middle-class American who lives with family. I work as a Sales and Marketing consultant for various businesses. I have no"


man (47) from chicago
Likes: asian women
Dislikes: prejudice,hate,and cruelty to animals

"any asian gir lwho wants to be a friend"


man (58) from Santa Ana
Likes: wandering for no better reason than to wander. giving, reading
Dislikes: flies at picnics, right winged neocons, working for the man, sport jackets with crests

"I would like to meet interesting kind people that vote."


man (30) from Bronx
Likes: ................
Dislikes: .................

"hit me up and it would help me to know myself"


man (30) from Dearborn
Likes: :-)))
Dislikes: :-(((

"!__________________! ____*__*___*__*____ __*______*______*__"


man (29) from Redmond
Likes: every thing...coz God made every thing beautiful.........
Dislikes: nothing

"I am here for friends.."


man (45) from Queens
Likes: spanish women
Dislikes: men

"I am in Lime Peru on business looking for a friend to talk to I get back to the states tomorrow"


man (37) from Brighton
Likes: outgoing girl who are sweet and openmind.
Dislikes: to be mean to nice people

"I am outgoing person who like to make a lot of friends and hangout with them. I am very nice guy and i try to understand poeple feeling and mind as"


man (38) from chicago
Likes: life..... full of fun
Dislikes: ----

"love to meet new ppl"


man (48) from Florbama
Likes: Tell you later
Dislikes: Tell you later

"Tell you later"


man (35) from Gaithersburg
Likes: things that go BOOM!!!!
Dislikes: when they don't work

"The wizard of Oz.... why must I always be making new profiles????....... I swear this is the last one!!!!!!! p.s. hello everyone....."


man (44) from chikago
Likes: ????????????????
Dislikes: ///////////////



man (33) from n
Likes: love
Dislikes: cheating

"a deeply loving openminded friend"


man (44) from Estero
Likes: Honest women, Fetish, Dancing, Sports, Outdoor Activities and Lots of Sex.
Dislikes: Liers, Illegal Drugs, Women who doesn't respect themselves

"I'm new to this area and would like to meet new friends with or without benefits. Women are the most beautiful creation and they deserve to be"


man (45) from New York
Likes: music,art,photography,partying on the beach,and whatever new things that you and i can thi
Dislikes: nagging!!!!

"im a simple guy who can adapt to a person if i so like...which means being unique and fun!!"


man (59) from Cleveland
Likes: Nature , Animals and Birds
Dislikes: Noise ,

"I would like to make good friends from all over , and find good friends"


man (32) from Elmwood Park
Likes: Girls, Plying Football in Rain, and Eating good Food
Dislikes: Nothing as such !!

"About me - I am Pure HCLite !!! I want to meet - Good and Bold Girls"


man (44) from fairbanks
Likes: A woman that loves life and can smile through anything..
Dislikes: not much

"full of energy and ideas, always looking for an adventure. Travel the world, raft a river or climb a mountain. Im a romantic and love it!"


man (29) from bowie
Likes: muic movie
Dislikes: football

"anybody who intersting"


man (30) from new york
Likes: travelling, comminication with people fro different countriess
Dislikes: neglected people ,especially neglected girls ;)



man (36) from caribou
Likes: nothing
Dislikes: nothing

"some one interesting"


man (38) from Miami
Likes: meeting interesting people
Dislikes: some things, like smoking



man (35) from jojo
Dislikes: lier

"hi to all of the world i am normal simple man from egypt i am automotive enginer i have my own company for cars reparing and seals and i am teaching"


man (95) from BEACH
Likes: me!
Dislikes: Make way for the bad guy

"What you lookin' at? You all a bunch of fuckin' assholes. You know why? You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be? You need people like me."


man (42) from New york
Likes: ????????????????????????
Dislikes: ??????????????????????????



man (32) from Fort Lauderdale
Likes: driving,,rock climbing, listening rock music,holidays anywhere warm,goin out friday night
Dislikes: drug addicts,proudy people, wake up early morning

"resposibile, confindent, hard working, hard partying,funloving,im naughty but nice n i want to meet people from different culture n country."


man (34) from orting
Likes: I like the outdoors, climbing, skydiving, going to movies, traveling
Dislikes: Gold diggers, people who are way to hung up on themselves

"I'm 29 years old I work in construction, I'm a pretty down to earth guy not to wild but can be. I never tried to meet anyone on the internet but"


man (43) from Queens
Likes: to read, to write, to swim, to talk on the phone
Dislikes: dishonesty

"I would like to meet someone who is honest and sincere"


man (43) from cocoa beach
Likes: sport , cestovanie , prijemnych ludi
Dislikes: aroganciu

"momentalne zijuci v usa fl "


man (35) from seattle
Likes: friends (actual friends not the show), Rowing, Action movies, and lots of other stuff
Dislikes: Stuck up people



man (32) from Richmond
Dislikes: ignorant weak minded ....not able to see the tree for the forest kind of people

"A nice southern girl from virgina or maybe from North Carolina..not interested in any long distant relationships"


man (35) from Elroy
Likes: Fishing reading and writtig poetry and spending time with my kids
Dislikes: I really don't have any dislikes

"I will Be Married to my true love PollyAnn on July 31st, 2010 Only on here to look for friends and to meet new friends. I am not interested in"