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man (22) from cairo
Likes: travel and dance
Dislikes: sad people

"I'm not thinking about the marriage now"


man (35) from cairo
Likes: fishing,singing ,cooking and dancing
Dislikes: lairs

"am a simply guy who is honest and outspoken"


man (36) from cairo
Likes: meeting new friends
Dislikes: cheating

"meeting new friends"


man (42) from Tripoli - Libya
Likes: hoest , tidy , claver , clean
Dislikes: liyres

"looking for new friends and more"


man (41) from alex
Likes: lovley ladies
Dislikes: cheating

"I like to make a friendchip with any nice and funny lady"


man (37) from alexandria
Likes: you
Dislikes: anything made me sad

"Wish meet you"


man (42) from cairo
Likes: romance
Dislikes: cheating

"i am very romantic ,caring ,passionate,powerful,talented at pleasing my partner ,i have a great passion for older women"


man (32) from Cairo
Likes: open minded folk
Dislikes: quite - tough girls

"i like pretty - funny- open minded lady i want my close gf to travel - share secrets - go parties - go cinemas - to all things with each other"


man (22) from cairo
Likes: walking
Dislikes: liers

"i'm looking for friends :)"


man (33) from cairo
Likes: all people
Dislikes: war



man (49) from haram
Likes: woman to friendship
Dislikes: disprosperious relations

"i am a vet. doctor honest nobel and like travelling my baseness in sudan i owned a slaughterhouse for producing beef meat and sheep meat"


man (24) from cairo
Likes: sexy and beautiful woman
Dislikes: lies and not going straight

"i want a beautiful woman who ready to meet and have much of fun ;)"


man (54) from Cairo
Likes: Good people
Dislikes: Bad and rude people

"Let us see"


man (95) from cairo
Likes: later
Dislikes: later



man (32) from cairo
Likes: dsdss ssdsdsds
Dislikes: sdssssssssssssssssss sdddddd



man (65) from Aswan
Likes: freah hearts
Dislikes: ask me

"fresh hearts"

man (64) from Aswan
Likes: all ppl
Dislikes: nothing

"nice n funny chats with good friends"


man (59) from Alexandria
Likes: everybody
Dislikes: not hate but feel sad for closed minded ppl

"a good human, with an open mind"


man (65) from Assuit
Likes: peace
Dislikes: war

"chat n discuss"


man (95) from Cairo
Likes: good friends
Dislikes: bad racist people

"nice friends no racism"


man (28) from cairo
Likes: muslimah
Dislikes: lie and liars

"right muslim"


man (34) from cario
Likes: i like every think
Dislikes: i.m love the woman an

"i.m love the woman and search about the real love"


man (39) from portsaid
Likes: white
Dislikes: lie

"im egyptian i play music"


man (46) from Cairo
Likes: Life
Dislikes: Nothing

"Be happy and keep the other's happy too"


man (34) from place
Likes: you
Dislikes: nobody

"I am cool and concerned fellow about things around me. I like to hang out on weekends with my frienz. I am not lookin' for a combination of snow"


man (41) from cairo
Likes: .......................
Dislikes: .......................

"what does the life mean for u?"


man (36) from cairo
Likes: real.
Dislikes: immatutreity

"real honest lovely frinds"


man (44) from mansoura
Likes: honesty,truthfullness,frankness,faithfullness and dbjectivity
Dislikes: hatred,jealousy,betrayal

"ambitous,spiritual highly emotional, tolerating the whites and daks in life accepting pains and pleasures in my destiny i like the woman of the same"


man (30) from alexandria
Likes: i like to have fun and to listen to music.. reading. talk with ppl from all over the world
Dislikes: lairs & cheaters and ppl who hurt women's heart cuz women are so sensitive and cute

"its really hard to talk about myself cuz i wont see myself as clear as ppl can see me . but i can say that i want to meet friendly ppl and have nice"


man (34) from alex
Likes: we will talk later
Dislikes: we will talk later

"we will talk later "


man (34) from cairo
Likes: i found my princess , i am here for fun
Dislikes: latter

"Who I am? I am just a dreamer man, walk in this life a lone, challenge the future and try to change the present, just with his mind that's what he"


man (38) from egypt
Likes: life & smiling always to evry one and beautiful women
Dislikes: sad human

"hi all iam man from Egypt like smiling to life coz life need smile in this days so if u want to be happy u must smiling to life .. i like play"


man (37) from sharm elsheikh
Likes: .sport.riding horses. travlling
Dislikes: bad news,bad women,

"i'm a single man so look for good girl ,i finished my studies in tourism and hotels managemnt at 2001 , i have 27 years old ,now i have my work as"


man (32) from cairo
Likes: every thing good
Dislikes: lier's

"i'm looking for realy friendship "realy friends""


man (35) from Cairo
Likes: Cats
Dislikes: War

"Music Technology Expert Famous Singer Business Manager No Body Complete I Am No Body"


man (29) from cairo
Likes: cars, traveling ,soccer
Dislikes: ppl who lie !



man (30) from cairo
Likes: football_singing_eat
Dislikes: wars _lie

"if u want to know anything ask me.......................................... "


man (51) from cairo
Likes: my family and Frankness
Dislikes: ALONE

"I love egypt (my country)familyand my home"


man (31) from Mansoura
Likes: all
Dislikes: none

"no answer"


man (40) from Alexandria
Likes: Later
Dislikes: Later



man (50) from cairo
Likes: music reading
Dislikes: lies & selfish

"i am a male good listening i like....... i'll tell u later but now my email"


man (29) from cairo
Likes: i love peace so I can love .... stars & moon & quite night & the beauty.......
Dislikes: ugly..& lier & evrythig bad



man (28) from Cairo
Likes: hanging out with my friends , Driving , Music(Trance,House,Electrop & Tribal) & having fun
Dislikes: some body try to break my heart

"well just looking for some 1 to talk with nd yea after i know her maybe we r friends lovers or whatever it depends on who i talk to"


man (31) from Cairo
Likes: Playing Guitar, Traveling, Hanging out, Reading, Recently Cooking!!can u believe it!
Dislikes: Gays and green beans make me feel sick

"I'm simply me and if it gets me nowhere I'll go there proud. I could be a good listener when needed and i truly respect and love my friends .."


man (32) from cairo
Likes: ask me :)
Dislikes: ask me :)

"LIFE is love and without love not life coz life is short and short is sad and sad is bad"


man (46) from cairo
Likes: travelling . reading , all kind of music
Dislikes: noise ,

"i'm an egyptian simble guy funyy & still searching for ms. right"


man (54) from Cairo
Likes: honesty....
Dislikes: liars

"An honest woman.............."


man (34) from cairo
Likes: god frind
Dislikes: lie

" all think"


man (64) from Alexandria
Likes: The faith,truth,educated,open minded,smart lady
Dislikes: liers,consievers,block minded thoughts

"I would like to meet the lady who search for friendship,lead to love."


man (39) from cairo
Likes: to be honest
Dislikes: to lie

"i wanna meet new freinds in all over the world and c what's going on"


man (28) from cairo
Likes: Art, Sinai, History, Cultures...many things!
Dislikes: many things!

"I don't know, Im here as I like to be exposed to other cultures and chatting with people worldwide."


man (50) from Cairro
Likes: honest ppls,self denial
Dislikes: unhonest selfish ppl , self seeker ppl'

"i would like to meet a woman honest woman have a cheerful ,charming face &heart to make my life worm & sunny...........tiger"


man (38) from cairo
Likes: open minded n honesty
Dislikes: liars

"i like t have a good time;movies,hangingout n horseriding.'taste' is my middle name."


man (49) from cairo
Likes: to love and to be loved
Dislikes: wars

"i am so romantic man seeking for friendship all over the world."


Dislikes: ALL BADS



man (31) from mansoura
Likes: abeautiful woman for be my friend
Dislikes: i don't care about hating

"i am egyptian man and care for cute chat with abeatiful girl and nothing else"


man (33) from alexandria
Likes: I think u know ;)
Dislikes: i dislike when i like >>)

"(((((((((((when i meet first)))))))))"


man (27) from Alexandria
Likes: ASK ME.....
Dislikes: ASK ME>>>

"iam here for good friends ............................"


man (39) from Cairo
Likes: Tennis-Football,Romantic films,Chicken food, Classic Music,Religious Book, Far East Island
Dislikes: Heavy metal music, Crowded places, Car racing, bloody movies.

"I am chemical engineer, playing tennis 4 times per week. I would like to meet a nice girl that can share the same ideas and thoughts. someone that"


man (45) from Alexandria
Likes: happy smiling outgoing people
Dislikes: dishonesty

"I am back in Alexandria. Would like to meet some old friends while I am here!"


man (32) from cairo
Likes: All lovely things in the world
Dislikes: the lier

"i need to meet lovely & funny friends from all the world & i will tell u more when i meet u"


man (37) from alexandria
Likes: all the things in this life
Dislikes: no

"I am mahmoud from egypt , I am single , 33 years old , I want to make friendship with all age and all nationalities ."


man (45) from Giza
Likes: Chocolate & flowers
Dislikes: unhonest

"I'm looking for fun"


man (36) from Giza
Likes: music,reading,making new friends and learning languages
Dislikes: liar and selfish people

"i'm funny , romantic man from Egypt. I'm 36 years old.i search for true friend who know what the true friend-ship is.i would like to find sincere"


man (55) from giza
Likes: nice woman , honest , kindly ,tall
Dislikes: not honest , short , lie

"aske me "


man (42) from cairo
Likes: ...
Dislikes: ...



man (42) from portsaid
Likes: ...........................................................
Dislikes: .............................................................



man (36) from alex
Likes: funny life
Dislikes: sad life

"i like the funny life the peace"


man (43) from cairo
Likes: sincer persons
Dislikes: liers, and stupid people

"i'm a serious man, very intresting for a friendship, i am not egyptian but i'm temporarly living in Egypt and i speak a flewent french."


man (36) from cairo
Likes: life
Dislikes: lies

"A nice honest man, good sense in humour, good in talking, decent, calm, spontaneity and emotional, i like going out, music and movies, i 'm romantic"


man (38) from alexandria
Likes: honest , women with open mind
Dislikes: lie

"when we meet we can talk"


man (46) from cairo
Likes: music-sports-movies and interesting talking
Dislikes: lier

"iI am a very passionate and caring friendsl. I believe strongly in respect and loyalty. I am very active and open to new ideas. I love to travel and"


man (39) from cairo
Likes: honest , make friendship with all people
Dislikes: no thing

"all honest people"


man (46) from cairo
Likes: music,walking on the beach,go out
Dislikes: liers ,and playing games,crowded

"If you love someone, Set her free ..... If she ever comes back, she's yours, If she doesn't, as expected, she never was. "


man (30) from egypt
Likes: the nice things
Dislikes: any bad things



man (34) from cairo
Likes: true friendship
Dislikes: anything too bad

"i like to meet new friends and have good time and make long lasting friendship"


man (35) from cairo
Likes: reading and having fun
Dislikes: nothing Except Sadness



man (46) from Cairo
Likes: to love and to be loved , ... to care and to be cared
Dislikes: cold and being lonely

"I am looking for a woman for freindship and may be more . I am looking for real freind and true love .. I am looking for honesty and kindness"


man (35) from cairo
Likes: Quite , Laughing , Hounist , Reading , Listen To Quran
Dislikes: Selfish , lieing

"all ppl jump and they hope they can fly but in other wise they drop like a rock wondering the whole way down.... why did i jump??? and this"


man (38) from Hurghada
Likes: truth though it hurts sometimes
Dislikes: I beleiven that everyth which happens is meant to be so i can't deslike i just accept.

"No words can get close to like & deslike, coz it just a matter of saying & believen while the screen is blinde."