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woman (24) from Saratov
Likes: reading, walking, theaters, restaurants, work, cooking, family.
Dislikes: let's not talk about the bad

"I am a very open person. Independent, purposeful and interesting in communicating personality. Overall I am very unusual girl, and you will see this"


woman (30) from Moscow
Likes: I’m very family oriented
Dislikes: lie

"My close people usually say I’m very family oriented. I am very cheerful, active and dynamic person, full of energy and good ideas. I tend to be shy"


woman (30) from moscow
Likes: I look on the sunny side of things.
Dislikes: ......

"My close people usually say I’m very family oriented. I am very cheerful, active and dynamic person, full of energy and good ideas. I tend to be shy"


woman (28) from Kirov
Likes: all good
Dislikes: all bad

"I am kind, intelligent, caring, gentle, love to cook. I'm looking for a kind, intelligent and caring man."


woman (31) from Tver
Likes: music, movies, sport, theater, science
Dislikes: lie

"I am life-loving and easy-going. My character is calm and very kind. I am faithful and I believe in love. I would like to meet a honest, sincere,"


woman (50) from St.Petersburg
Likes: Life
Dislikes: Pessimism

"Charming, clever and full of energy"


woman (40) from novokyznetsk
Likes: I like to travel, Cooking, and spending time with friends
Dislikes: people who tell lie,

"By nature I am kind, Honest, Giving, Understanding, Compassionate, and Loving. Describing one’s physical features is simple. Doing the same for"


woman (30) from Izhevsk
Likes: Som obyčajné dievča.
Dislikes: Nemám rád klamstvá! ja nie, ak nechcete odpustiť zradu!

"Milujem voľný čas. Rovnako ako psi. Som obyčajné dievča. ale vnútri mám silnú tyč!"


woman (27) from Ivanovo
Likes: Sun, sea, kind and honest people, smiles...
Dislikes: To be disappointed...

"I prefer to live a simple life that is peaceful and full of love. I live by the Golden Rule ... "Do unto others as you wish others to do unto you.""


woman (30) from Vologda
Likes: in a relationship I like sincerity, truth!
Dislikes: I do not like when I was crushed when they want sex only when they want to play on my feel

"I'm looking for a man with whom I will be happy! I'm looking for someone I can trust completely! Anyone who will be next in a difficult moment!"


woman (31) from Kirov
Likes: cooking, sport
Dislikes: deception, vanity

"I am looking for a man with whom I could have a serious relationship. I do not want to have fun and those who proposes sex. Not looking for a sponsor"


woman (31) from Chelybinsk
Likes: I'm an incorrigible optimist, and try to find the best in any situation, I love everything
Dislikes: Crude and deceitful people

"It's not so simple to speake about myself, but I think I am very romantic person, cheerful, frankly and sincere, slenderness, attractive, womanly,"


woman (32) from myrom
Likes: ))))))))
Dislikes: ))))))))

"Dobrý deň všetkým, ktorí venovali pozornosť mojej stránke! Hľadám mladého človeka k ďalšej komunikácii a budovanie vzťahov! Mám čierne vlasy a hnedé"


woman (27) from Kazan
Likes: joke
Dislikes: lie

"I am calm and very sociable girl, I want to find a man to create a relationship in the future for a family. Time flies, and we do not see how we"


woman (63) from Petersburg
Likes: personality
Dislikes: after meeting

"I'm the woman who look the man for mariage"


woman (37) from Peterburg
Likes: life
Dislikes: lie

"for life"


woman (27) from Mikhailovka
Likes: Life!
Dislikes: ignorance, dirt, smoke, rudeness

"Temperamental, smart, spontaneous, naive, dreamy, patient, spontaneous, caring, playful, responsive, receptive, fun-loving, light, mischievous,"


woman (29) from Kazan
Likes: I love comedy, melodrama. I love ice cream and chocolate milk. I admire the sky and the se
Dislikes: when communicating tell!!!!

"I do not drink and do not smoke. I swim, gymnastics, dance. When the evening is replaced by the starry sky, I'm a long time watching the glittering"


woman (29) from Nizhny Novgorod
Likes: Rád čtu knihy, doufám, že najdu tu opačné poloviny.
Dislikes: Nemám rád proklínat zradu a zradu.

"Nebudu opakovat, co jsem sen splnit co nejdříve za spřízněnou duši, a já doufám a uvěřit svému štěstí!!!"


woman (31) from Syktyvkar
Likes: Milujem jazdiť na bicykli! Milujem šport! Milujem prírodu moc!
Dislikes: Nemám rád klamstvá. Zrada!

"Naozaj chcem nájsť partnera vo svojom živote!"


woman (32) from Moscow
Likes: hi
Dislikes: hi

"My name - Mariya! I the young, romantic girl at the age of 30 years. I want to get acquainted with the man to connect our destinies which the"


woman (34) from Perm
Likes: Poctivosť.
Dislikes: podvod

"Som osamelá dievča z Ruska. Ja som 32, stále žijem sám. Na tejto stránke chcem nájsť muža, s ktorým som si vybudovať vážny vzťah v budúcej"


woman (30) from Moscow
Likes: cestovanie, aktívny šport, zábavné aktivity
Dislikes: nechutné správanie, hrubosť, leží

"Som normálne dievča. Milujem cestovanie. aktívne zapojil do športu. Dúfam, že nájsť dobrého muža."


woman (28) from Kazan
Likes: I like when men are treated with care and know how to appreciate women.
Dislikes: I do not like being lied to. when I was betrayed and blatantly cheated me in the eye

"I am a cool woman looking for a loving man that can take good care of me. i love to be happy and see people beside me to i an happy mode. i love"


woman (32) from Petrazavodsk
Likes: ))))))))))))))))))
Dislikes: )))))))))))))))))))

"))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) )))))))) ) ))))) "


woman (29) from Kazan
Likes: I like everything!) I'm not fastidious;)
Dislikes: Need to think about it;)

"I love to love and be loved. I love comedy, melodrama. I love ice cream and chocolate milk. I admire from the sky and the sea, the sun and grass. I"


woman (29) from Volgograd
Likes: Páči sa mi poctivosť, láskavosť a úprimnosť duše
Dislikes: Nemám rád klamstvá a zrady

"Ja som dobrý a milá dievčina. Rád robím varenie, čítanie, počúvanie hudby. Som úprimný človek a mám citlivé srdce. Moje srdce a duša sú otvorené"


woman (29) from cheboksary
Likes: sports, latin dance, fine dining, traveling, music, reading, cinema, concerts, arts .. an
Dislikes: autumn

"Like all normal people I want to create a family. Be cherished and loved ... if I you are interested then contact me and we can take a closer look"


woman (29) from Krasnodar
Likes: constant development in everything
Dislikes: disloyalty, falsehood

"It seems to me that all people are created to lead a happy life, I do beleive that in most cases we make our personal choice whether to be happy or"


woman (31) from PETRAZAVODSK
Likes: )))))))))
Dislikes: )))))))))

"Verte mi, keď je sama prvý krok, ty si naozaj drahé a je to veľmi potrebné."


woman (52) from Cheboksary
Likes: Kindness, sincerity
Dislikes: Treachery, falsity

" I sincere, romantic, kind, with quite good sense of humour, love visitors and the cheerful companies. With darling I can be very attentive,"


woman (60) from Irkutsk
Likes: Travelling and discovering new places and cities, literature , theatre, yoga
Dislikes: Insincere, unintelligent and rude people, smokers

"I am an optimist with a positive point of view. I would like to meet a man who appreciates constant self-education and self-development, socializing"


woman (31) from rastov
Likes: swimming, skating
Dislikes: drinking men

"Well I can say about myself, I am a young, beautiful girl, cheerful, kind, love to go to the movies, meeting new people, a little shy, and as I love"


woman (43) from Saint-Peterburg
Likes: Intelligent and sucsessfull people.
Dislikes: Lie.

"I would like to meet a man with intelligent eyes and a big heart. Not only good educated but have a good taste and tact in everything. I am"


woman (30) from Omsk
Likes: fashion design, dancing, skiiing, swimming
Dislikes: selfish people

"An educated, friendly, reliable and easy-going girl always ready to help and give moral support. . . I know how to use warmth and sensuality to"


woman (47) from perm
Likes: alles
Dislikes: non



woman (51) from omsk
Likes: life
Dislikes: lie

"I am sympathetic, understanding person. I believe in love, and I can warm love someone's lonely heart... In a life I am simple, sociable"


woman (51) from Omsk
Likes: sport, travels
Dislikes: lie

" I am sympathetic, understanding person. I believe in love, and I can warm love someone's lonely heart... In a life I am"


woman (28) from Moscow
Likes: life and all it's sides..:)
Dislikes: pessimists

"I'm just a girl, who wants to treat to a handsome, smart guy:)Dear men!Please!write me in skype: natalie.kravchenko21"


woman (62) from Tomsk
Likes: travel, music, dance, nature, sea, movies, humor
Dislikes: lie, rudeness

"I'm romantic, temperamental, sincere, frank. I'm tender and attantive, tolerant. I have good sence of humor. I'm attractive, energetic and sexual."


woman (28) from Kazan
Likes: Kind and Devoted people
Dislikes: Envy and Rain

"I am an Athletic, Young, Nice-looking , Kind , Cheerful girl looking for a right Guy , who I hope very much is Somewhere There for me ! "


woman (44) from Saratov
Likes: honesty, sincerity
Dislikes: laziness, lie

"I’m attractive, sensitive, romantic, kind, honest, intelligent, warm hearted, caring and very sincere. I like music, theatre, nature, animals,"


woman (40) from Saint-Petersburg
Likes: Honesty, reliability,good company
Dislikes: Cheaters, selfish people

"Everyone comes to this world alone and leaves it alone. But what is in between?? Life that is has much to offer, but it offers much more if one is"


woman (52) from Saint-Petersburg
Likes: travel,listen to the music,play the guitar and sing,play tennis, reading, cook
Dislikes: falsehood and insincere

"I'm honest, energy,passion woman. I would like to meet sincere relationship, meet strong man's shoulder and share my life with someone same wave"


woman (45) from sochi
Likes: jazz,music,dancing,swimming,nature,mountains,self-made people
Dislikes: we are only guests on this earth...but we all have our own lessons here

"I look for simple things in life...I look for my close to me by hus spirit first of all, with sence of humour,who will understand"


woman (52) from moscow
Likes: a lot
Dislikes: liars cheaters

"ask me , i will tell "


woman (63) from St-Petersburg(tativi2005yaho)
Likes: Orchids are my favorite flowers:-)
Dislikes: I dislike to drugs

"Hello! The cheerful optimistic woman, well-read, erudite, steady, benevolent, pleasant on a kind the woman, without harmful habits: nonsiderable. For"


woman (58) from Petrozavodsk
Likes: I like honest, kind, thoughtful people.
Dislikes: I dislike dishonest and selfish people.

"I'm a woman of a golden age, because my soul is still a little child, but I have a life experience giving me to be more wise and allowing me to give"


woman (35) from yuzhno-sakhalinsk
Likes: dancing, swimming, travelling, gym, hiking
Dislikes: lie

"i am a charming girl...! I would like to fined smart, kined, honest, serious, comunicative man enough open-handed with a sense of humor and plans for"


woman (56) from Yoshkar-Ola
Likes: reading, travelling, meeting friends, music
Dislikes: dishonesty, nonsincerety

"I am a kind, caring, loving, communicating person with the sense of humor. I would like to meet a friend, a partner and a husband, my second half to"


woman (45) from Moscow
Likes: travel, good cars, art.
Dislikes: stupid talks and rudness

"I am a journalist and i see many interesting things in my life. To be happy I like to have nice people around, good car, enough money and beatiful"


woman (59) from Angarsk
Likes: a lot of things: reading, swimming, listening to music, travelling and go on
Dislikes: lie

"I am a teacher of history living in Siberia close like Baikal. I am divorced and have two adult sons. I would like to meet someony at the my age."


woman (28) from Ryazan
Likes: true and honest
Dislikes: false

".Ask me"


woman (59) from St. Petersburg
Likes: I like traveling, l music, museums, theater , arts, reading, walking.l
Dislikes: dishonesty

"I am active ,honest, open, romantic, sensual,loyal,kind. I do not like conflict.I value the same qualities in other people. I want to find the right"


woman (52) from Petrozavodsk
Likes: many things, but most of all I enjoy life!
Dislikes: lies

"I am easy-going, reliable, sociable, kind...just a real woman who wants to find the man to share her life with"


woman (54) from Ufa
Likes: life, nature, people, sun
Dislikes: lie, crudity, hypocrisy

"I am cheerful and responsive woman. I would like to meet man with hot and kind heart."


woman (55) from Krasnodar
Likes: lots of things
Dislikes: keys, doors, drawers, cabinets...

"I am a nice girl, looking for a nice boy... so we both can be bad... Seriously, I am looking for a mutual loving relationship based on physical"


woman (44) from Moscow
Likes: many things..
Dislikes: lie

"The wind of change It is born somewhere inside me and nothing holds sway over it. Sometimes it touches easily me, Sometimes it carries me away"


woman (34) from Kozmodemynsk
Likes: family
Dislikes: war...

"My name Anna, I shall try to tell a little about myself. I was born and has grown in Russia. My girlfriends speak, that I very cheerful and"


woman (58) from Moscow
Likes: Loving eyes, waves, new places...
Dislikes: disguise

"The unique soul - delicate and faithful. Open-minded, sentimental, but reasonable. I prefer a reliable, deep feeling man, who doesn't afrad to look"


woman (46) from Nizhnekamsk
Likes: ggggggggggg
Dislikes: hhhhhhhh



woman (59) from Tambov
Likes: people and life
Dislikes: disappointment and negative profit

"At this point in my life, I would like to meet a nice, down to earth gentleman for a serious relationship, who is close to my age and a non-smoker,"


woman (51) from Omsk
Likes: Honesty, kindness, understanding,
Dislikes: lye, aggression

" I would like to meet man serious openheartedly and opensoul. I search for friend for correspondence and if attitudes will develop I shall not be"


woman (55) from Kostroma
Likes: music,nature,books,walks swimming
Dislikes: violence

"I am cultural intelligent cheerful faithful feminine with sence of humour.I am looking for cultural careful loving man for marriage height more 170"


woman (50) from Moscow
Likes: Natural people
Dislikes: The Lie

"I'd like to meet real man I am looking for only serious relationships. If its for you, you can write me to my e-mail"


woman (59) from Moscow
Likes: Nature, animals, photography, communicating with interesting people, learning new things.
Dislikes: Lies, bad days, bad people.

"I am attractive, charming, with a good heart, kind and honest, can be very romantic, loyal and sincere, sometimes spontanious. I am comfortable"


woman (35) from Moscow
Likes: ...
Dislikes: ...



woman (65) from Moscow
Likes: sweets, cappuccino, flowers, romantic dinner by candle light
Dislikes: to get up early

"I am looking young,this is my picture, taken in August of 2008y..Sign-Scorpion. I am graduated in history(St.Petersburg University). I am a romantic"


woman (39) from Pyatigorsk
Likes: Flowers, sweets, toys, good, tender and honest people
Dislikes: smoke, alchogol, hypocrisy, lie and men, who shorter me more than 3 cm

"I want to meet you, my man! You, for whom I won`t be just a meek housewife, but a women who is going to stick by her husband, no matter what happens."


woman (30) from Moscow
Likes: Traveling, Sport, music, respect
Dislikes: Cheat. And I hate men who thinks only about sex

"I'd like to find an honest, serious and smart man to create a family i`m very optimistic person. I play musical instruments. I like to travel. I"


woman (46) from Komsomols-on-Amur
Likes: I like music, dance, travel and I like to do something to add coziness to the home.
Dislikes: Nonsense

" I am kind, honest, sensitive and would like to give all my love to one man. I like to travel, to visit interesting places. I like very much a sea"


woman (58) from Ekaterinburg
Likes: I prefer healthy way of life. I am kind, honest, active, cheerful. I love children.
Dislikes: I don't like not honest people.

"I wish he were independent, healthy, educated, honest. I would like him to lead an active life. I prefer a man without bad habits and with a sense of"


woman (31) from Rostov-on-Don
Likes: reading, travelling,dancing
Dislikes: rude people

"I'm open minded, sensitive & tender person & I'm not looking for relation with an Asian guy."


woman (45) from Saratov
Likes: Honesty.
Dislikes: Laziness and lie.

"I’m attractive, sensitive, romantic, kind, honest, intelligent, warm hearted, caring and very sincere. I like music, theatre, nature, animals,"


woman (33) from rostov-on-don
Likes: nature, animals, decent company, soft music, travelling ..
Dislikes: liars, cheaters, dirty minded idiots, dirty talks..

"i'm romantic , but can be serious at the same time.. Pls, if u don't have ur real picture, or wana cam chat, or jst another player , or an"


woman (66) from St.Petersburg
Likes: I like everything what makes me happy
Dislikes: I don`t like foolish and stupid people

"I am a happy person but I think there is something missing in my life. I am mature but at the same time I have a young spirit and I am very active. I"


woman (31) from SHEBEKINO
Likes: DOG
Dislikes: ----------



woman (54) from St. - Petersburg
Likes: sport, cars
Dislikes: drinker

"I'm kind, sociable, romantic, tender, faithful, decent, cheerful, sincere, sexy. I would like to meet reliable, serious, responsible, loving man to"


woman (39) from Moskow
Likes: I'll tell you letter
Dislikes: I'll tell you letter

"I'll tell you letter"


woman (42) from Moscow
Likes: honest and friendly people. My interests: sport, music, dancing, art, cinema
Dislikes: dishonest, unfair people

"Attract my attention and the rest is up to destiny."