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man (71) from Mugla
Likes: honrsty
Dislikes: lies

"Look for a travelpartner. with enough time to travel worldwide"


man (26) from Mugla
Likes: Everything
Dislikes: nothing

"I want good chats"


man (25) from Istanbul
Likes: to have fun with boys and girls
Dislikes: not having fun

"i like to have fun with everyone, to be happy and make others happy"


man (27) from antalya
Likes: travel and meet new people ım friendly and kind
Dislikes: lier alcohol, drugs , bad people

"ım searcing for a women who ıs same lıke my age a serıous relationship"


man (41) from İstanbul
Likes: Dürüstlük,İçtenlik,kişilik
Dislikes: Yalan,Kişiliksizlik,

"Merhaba, Ben 40 yaşında, Bekar ve hiç evlenmemiş,bir insanım. Amacım, Ciddi bir arkadaşlık ile"


man (36) from istanbul
Likes: spagetti and tomato
Dislikes: spagetti and meet

"who likes spagetti"


man (35) from Istanbul
Likes: f.ball, movies, women
Dislikes: ???

"no need to explanation ;)"


man (28) from istanbul
Likes: hjuk k hjk
Dislikes: hjgjk

"hbk jk hhj h hjhkjhfytrdutrsul guyfytr ds tf rxsresy5 e4"


man (35) from istanbul
Likes: i would like to meet someone that will be humble ,honest truethful,
Dislikes: i dislike liers ,arrogant

"i will like to meet someone that will be telling me treuth and love me aswell"


man (48) from Antalya
Likes: ........
Dislikes: .........



man (36) from Antalya
Likes: spear fishing
Dislikes: liars, liars, liars

"The Meaning To love is to share life together to build special plans just for two to work side by side and then smile with pride as one by"


man (53) from istanbul
Likes: young and cute girls w/good character
Dislikes: i don't like smoking and drinking

"I'm a turkish-american man who lives near istanbul for yrs.i'm just divorce d,and looking for a cute young lady..i preffer to meet cute ladies,"


man (34) from Istanbul,
Likes: Music, nature, flower...
Dislikes: Pollution, lies..

"Love is Life... and more !"


man (51) from Osmaniye-Adana
Likes: to make people happy and of course sex very much.
Dislikes: lying

"I want partner who has a slim body type.I enjoy very much. I can take place in every kind of sexual action."


man (33) from anywhere
Likes: you
Dislikes: I dont know :)

" "


man (39) from Balıkesir
Likes: travell music reading book internet work...etc,
Dislikes: pepper and lie love

"I dont know what to say...but im a happy person..i want to meet lots of new friend.I like getting to know everything new in the world, I like listen"


man (29) from düzce
Likes: playing basketball,tennis ,reading book and attending party...
Dislikes: smoking

"i wanna meet the girls who are sweety"