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man (20) from shangdong province
Likes: read
Dislikes: smoke

"white and cute"


man (23) from Guangzhou
Likes: eating meat, watching bloody or burning brain films, tennis, discovering universe
Dislikes: ugly dirty ones, no cultural quality,Hypocritical, vicious

"an unique guy who has a curious mind to find out all the secrets of the world, especially the nature. with sunshining faces , gentle temper"


man (27) from Jinan
Likes: football、music and delicious food
Dislikes: i don't know

"i come from china,i would like to meet new friends,for example,an opitimistic girl and beautiful and kind-hearted girl"


man (23) from wuhan
Likes: basketball,travling,music...
Dislikes: insect

"i am a easygoing man,and i have a lot of habbit ,so you talk with me a little time,than you will find we have a lots thing in commen.of couse"


man (24) from Guangzhou
Likes: girls speak English
Dislikes: ghastful

"I am Chinese and i would like to meet some frineds speak English"


man (26) from SuZhou
Likes: swimming basketball watching NBA making friends Traveling
Dislikes: Think again.

"A man who wants to make a chinese friend.I want to improve my English. The best, the man also in China"


man (21) from nanning
Likes: book,music,play,quiet
Dislikes: eat much,noisy,



man (22) from xiamen
Likes: Shuffle and Traveling
Dislikes: Eat seafood

"My English is not good."


man (26) from Changzhi
Likes: tralle
Dislikes: drank

"I am a 25 year old boy, from China sex male, bachelor's degree education, hope to know the friends around the world, welcome friends to travel to"


man (26) from KL
Likes: bdsm
Dislikes: nothing

"lady who is easy going"


man (29) from Beijing
Likes: rock music
Dislikes: drunk

"I have been studing English for few months.And I hope I can meet someone who can really help me to study better.I would appreciate it!"


man (20) from HZ
Likes: music,movie,anime,PC games
Dislikes: rude people

"kind,humorous,sincere guys"


man (24) from changzhou jiangsu province
Likes: apples
Dislikes: cucumber



man (32) from beijing
Likes: watching movie,reading book,and any sports can sweat
Dislikes: boring

"i want find some friends"


man (25) from Beijing
Likes: Sports,Movie,Reading
Dislikes: same thing everday

"Here is a handsome and tall man who what to find a girl."


man (41) from tianjin
Likes: friend
Dislikes: hypocritical



man (22) from NangChang
Likes: pschology
Dislikes: someone who make me disgusting

"somebody who have beautiful eyes"


man (44) from Bijing
Likes: simple
Dislikes: lied

"I' m a Chinese.I' m a teacher.I work in a village primary school.I love children I love my work too, I' m looking for an ordinary man"


man (28) from jinan
Likes: ask me.
Dislikes: ask me

"ask me."


man (33) from wuxi
Likes: travel ,basketball,and so on
Dislikes: shopping

"friend ,"


man (30) from Guangzhou
Likes: honesty
Dislikes: dishonesty

"It is my pleasure to get to know you all, your kindness, honest, sincerity and warm smile will always make us to be good friends. chatting with you"