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man (23) from dar es salaam
Likes: truth and caring people
Dislikes: liars and bad guys

"am a simple dude who needs to meet with all sort of friends in here...feel free to mail me"


man (32) from Dar-es-salaam
Likes: New Friends
Dislikes: Fake friends

"Easy going.....everyone out there"


man (25) from Dar es salaam
Likes: Football,sex and music
Dislikes: Gossip,cheats and poverty

"Am honest i want a honest girl too"


man (32) from mwanza
Likes: travelling,football
Dislikes: lie

"if u interesting with me,i promise i can make u suprise"


man (42) from Dar-es-salaam
Likes: traveling
Dislikes: bitchs

"i would like to meet some one who we can be a business joint,because i am a business man and we ca share the views in business"


man (24) from Dar es salaam
Likes: Chating, reading, music, jokes
Dislikes: Lying, betrayal,

"I find a good friend to chat with me especially about studies and love stories."


man (27) from tabora
Likes: charting,playing basketball
Dislikes: talking things of others

"friendship is the most important in the world . . . .."


man (31) from Dar es salaam
Likes: to Share ideas
Dislikes: unfair people

"Am a Good MAn who likes anybody without consider colour,Nationality etc. "


man (43) from Dar es salaam
Likes: -
Dislikes: -



man (33) from DAR ES SALAAM
Likes: Playing football,watching and listening music, reading newspaper
Dislikes: expose someone issues

"About me; simple man I would like to meet; Anyone who is simple and charming"


man (41) from ZANZIBAR
Likes: Travelling and my Business
Dislikes: hypocrits, Drinking and dishonesty

"Infact I'm in business n requires lot of travelling. I love it! I am having a very socialised personality. I'm a tall (1.93m) and an average"


man (31) from Dar Es Salaam
Likes: musics and chating
Dislikes: smokes and lies.

"Iam simple &social and wanna meet a girl of the same characters not beyond 33 years old"


man (39) from Dar/Arusha
Likes: Reading magazines, Writenews,Watching sports and Singing Choir.
Dislikes: smokers, drinkers and cheeters people.

"I AM A MASAI BOY,Coming from northern of Tanzania "Arusha" Tourism Centre.I am a social and like constructive talks to make me learn and get"


man (32) from Arusha
Likes: making friends all over da world,drinking,working hard, surfing and browsing!
Dislikes: hipocrisy

"No discrimination"


man (31) from Dar es salaam
Likes: like to chart and meet new friends
Dislikes: i dislike jealous people

"am student at university of dar es salaam, taking alectronics and communication, i would like to meet new friends to chart with, especially ladies,"


man (32) from oxford
Likes: will write later
Dislikes: will write later

"write to me at, or, or "


man (39) from Bagamoyo
Likes: high speed
Dislikes: road bumps

"would like to meet you ofcourse!"


man (32) from dar es salaam
Likes: football and music
Dislikes: liars,

"hi to all people !I would like to meet new friends around the world. for more information msg me"


man (41) from Dar es Salaam
Likes: Helping the need, children especially orphans and the vulnerable ones,I like soccer
Dislikes: Wars, conflicts, piracy and pride

"I am a young man from Tanzania, East Africa. I am in the mining industry. To me race, religion, creed, nationality are not barriers. I am looking for"


man (40) from Dar Es Salam
Likes: to live a good life and enjoy good moments by balancing my life ..
Dislikes: not making time to meet up with the good people we know

"I enjoy the natural company of a woman , and I see her as an aspect of blessing my life i try not to demand more than i give to others I enjoy"


man (46) from arusha
Likes: honesty
Dislikes: maggers

"Am a down to earth man,honesty,loveble,considerable,eager to learn looking for someone who is almost the same"


man (33) from Dar es salaam
Likes: to join with different kind of people and exchanges our ideas
Dislikes: to talk behind others

"i,m normal man that is all."


man (36) from Dar-es-salaam
Likes: education
Dislikes: ignorance

"intelligent, creative man. i like cute lady by nature."


man (43) from Dar es salaam
Likes: swimming,music,traveling,chatting,reading novels,exchanging photo,mail,postcards and stamp
Dislikes: smoking,drinking alcohol,abusive language and anything worse for human being

"I`m called Saidi Athuman, living in the city of Dar es salaam Tanzania East Africa, I would like to meet with women who are interested and attracted"


man (39) from dar es salaam
Likes: chating:playing football and reading books
Dislikes: drinking alcohol and smoking

"I am man of people been in University of DAR es salaam seeking a woman who will be afriend from any country .I:m a clinician working in Health"


man (36) from Mwanza
Likes: To meet with people
Dislikes: cheating

"i m astudent"


man (32) from dar es salaam
Likes: playing basketball,making new friends,hanging out with friends
Dislikes: delays,talking behind people,pretending.

"i like to meet a girl/woman who is caring,charming&kind."