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woman (34) from nairobi
Likes: honesty
Dislikes: dishonesty

"u get to know me with time"


woman (25) from nairobi
Likes: socializing and making friends, i like travelling
Dislikes: lies

"I am just simple. an I like it. for this reason value every human being"


woman (36) from mombasa
Likes: i like to meet seriousman allover the world willing to meet
Dislikes: dislike liars

"am single woman . kind , loving . caring looking for seriousman from anywhere at the world willing to come to me and meet"


woman (23) from Mombasa
Likes: Men who understand
Dislikes: Nude guys online.

"I have no webcam.if that makes you like me lesss or not at all .too bad."


woman (39) from Nairobi
Likes: Honesty, reality, humility
Dislikes: Ignorant, arrogant & rude people with irrelevant ego.

"I am a straight forward person who loves honesty anytime anywhere."


woman (25) from mombasa
Likes: hicking,socializing,music,reading
Dislikes: pretenders,dishonest pple,

"i am a down to earth lady,honest,hardworking ,God fearing,"


woman (35) from Nbi
Likes: people
Dislikes: war

"friendly and God fearing"


woman (24) from nairobi
Likes: Easy going people :)
Dislikes: Liars..

"Just interesting people out there!"


woman (32) from nairobi
Likes: true friends
Dislikes: liars

"am humble and like fun"


woman (95) from Mombasa
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woman (30) from mombasa
Likes: to hang out with friends like for lunch, watch movies and football
Dislikes: be shouted at or called bad names, be treated as though am not human

"am kind, people say its hard to see me annoyed or angry, i love cooking and cleanlyness. am beautiful just as my smile and am always a friend to"


woman (37) from Nairobi,
Likes: honesty person n out giong
Dislikes: someone who lair to get anything

"am simple n God fearing.I would like to meet someone honesty n caring"


woman (34) from nairobi
Likes: music chess, movies, meeting new people
Dislikes: liers, dishonest people, baby mama drama

"tell u later"


woman (44) from Nairobi
Likes: men
Dislikes: players

"am cool and looking for a cool man"


woman (29) from Nairobi\\\'
Likes: honesty
Dislikes: lies

"im honest and i would like an honest man"


woman (35) from mombasa
Likes: good things in life
Dislikes: lies

"Classy and elegant"


woman (25) from nairobi
Likes: listening and watch daily news world wide
Dislikes: oppression

"just as simple as one u ever met. here i am , welcome in my heart. 'trusty man'"


woman (24) from Nairobi
Likes: Having fun,being honest and making friends
Dislikes: Lies,ignorance and also idling...

"I'm an outgoing person who likes having fun.I dont pretend to be someone im not...i'm simply me and would like a perfect match!"


woman (25) from Nairobi
Likes: open minded,fun,honest nadventurous guys
Dislikes: cheaters!!!

"am fun loving, very adventurous,simple but yet complicated at times... ad love to meet guys who know what F.R.I.E.N.D means.."


woman (44) from Nairobi
Likes: Music ,dancing raggae.and cooking
Dislikes: Lies

"Im social,hamble all welcome allaround the world."


woman (40) from Nairobi
Likes: I like any who is willing to acept me friendship.
Dislikes: I hate lies .cheaters ignornce,boostful.selfness.

"Im single best with 3kids.businesslady social.i would like to meet any matured man all around the world.any no matter how he is according God"


woman (27) from Nairobi
Likes: I like watching movies and spending time with friends
Dislikes: Dishonesty

"Am a cheerful person...I cherish and value the people in my life.I love my may not be perfect but I love it..."


woman (31) from nairobi
Likes: ahoj
Dislikes: ahoj

"Ahoj, som tu nový a chcel by som stretnúť niekoho, kto sa vážne a chcete mať dobrý priateľ, ako som ja ďakujem"


woman (30) from Nairobi
Likes: good humour... a bit of cheekiness..... and a bit of honesty wouldn't hurt
Dislikes: people who are not confident in themselves or don't know or not sure of what they want.

"well lets see what about i can put down about myself on this little box. well, i have been told to have a good sense of humor, love cooking but hey"


woman (25) from Nairobi
Likes: Having fun,meeting people..n many other
Dislikes: Alot n not many

"Am a fun,luving person and would like friends who are fun n luvn lyk me n want to network.."


woman (37) from Central
Likes: swimming,Travelling,shopping
Dislikes: ask me

"am a simple down to earth lady."


woman (51) from thika
Likes: i like a serious relationship
Dislikes: No jojkers on my line

"Me am single never been marriad . i like laughing so much and i know how to joke. i hate waste time when he knows hes not serious. I like a"


woman (30) from nairobi
Likes: everything that makes me happy
Dislikes: things that break my heart

"we will talk about that later"


woman (31) from Mombasa
Likes: lovin and good friends
Dislikes: Harsh and unrully

"simple and caring person who need someone to share fun with n other thing talk 2 me"


woman (32) from Nairobi
Likes: girls
Dislikes: boring people

"a good naughty girl"


woman (48) from eldoret
Likes: traveling, listening to music socializing
Dislikes: politics

" am asingle lady with three kids am achristian i am abusiness lady i would like to meet ahonest devoted and aserious man who is out going , down to"


woman (32) from Nairobi
Likes: Honesty, being real
Dislikes: conservatives', liers

"Loving, Smart and grown up guys for friendship"


woman (29) from nairobi
Likes: jogging
Dislikes: death

"down to earth lady.Wuld like to meet my perfect match"


woman (28) from lamu
Likes: making friends, going out with friends, reading novels, swimming though not an expert!!
Dislikes: liers and moody people..

"like making friends. would like to meet socially upright guyz!!"


woman (35) from Nairobi
Likes: singing and travelling.
Dislikes: malicious people

"i am funny. i like good company and havin fun. dancind and singing my heart out. i can love."


woman (36) from Magadi
Likes: Sure, Strong personalities.. Playing small and expecting little...benefits no one.
Dislikes: Ignorance, conceit, indecision, lack of self-esteem.

"Hello all ! Welcome to my slice of the Cupidbay!!! not much to tell...just a regular, down to earth, big full figured attractive woman"


woman (28) from mombasa
Likes: singing , dancing, watching movies, games listening to music, loving, and i love Jesus!!
Dislikes: talking to pple who do not care,liers,

"am loking for a serious relationship Do you mind knowing???............. contact me"


woman (34) from nairobi
Likes: honesty,romantic guy,loving,caring,understanding and loving.
Dislikes: unfaithfulness,fraudness and dishonesty.

"Am a caring,loving and understanding Lady.Very beautiful to look at.Am slightly outgoing with a clean heart.I would like to meet a faithful and"


woman (30) from nairobi
Likes: horizons
Dislikes: bad weather

"am chaming i'd like to meet a caring friend."


woman (29) from nairobi
Likes: joking,having fun,adventures,
Dislikes: anyone who forces things

"Ever serious, so keep stupid stuff off my hook"


woman (31) from nairobi
Likes: Shopping and alot of things ,,,,,,,,,,the list is endless,just ASK me !!
Dislikes: Pretenders and Lairs

"No man is an Island we all need friends!Am Choosy and very particular ,am open minded and a good listener.Communication is PARAMOUNT to me since am"


woman (29) from Nairobi
Likes: gettin to know people and havin fun
Dislikes: pimps

"i am fun to be with,try me."


woman (33) from nairobi
Likes: Friends,Loving,caring and honest
Dislikes: selfish pple,liers,players

"like to meet a caring friend n understanding."


woman (36) from Kisumu
Likes: lovely and free hearted men of any race.
Dislikes: Liars.

"I am honest, loving and free hearted. looking for a true relationship for a long term relatioship. I wd like to meet men of the same quality."


woman (54) from Nairobi
Likes: i love life and fun,music ,cooking,dancing and travelling.
Dislikes: dishonesty,arrogance and pretence.

"i am a simple person who likes the good things life offers. i hate dishonest people and those who take advantage of others for whatever reason. I"


woman (29) from Nairobi
Likes: Music(I play piano and sing proffesionally),watching movies,
Dislikes: drugs of any kind

"i would like to make friends"


woman (28) from eldy
Likes: That am alive...i like that i intend to live.......
Dislikes: Find out.....................



woman (31) from nairobi
Likes: honest, straight foward
Dislikes: lairs and lazy men

"ask me"


woman (33) from nai
Likes: honesty and gentleness
Dislikes: dishonesty and unfaithfulness

"just be urself, i know ill like u for being yourself."


woman (40) from Nairobi
Likes: love, faithfullness, covers all
Dislikes: disappointments, taking people for granted, hate people who lie,

"a cute lady who understands, care, loving Is there anyone who is lonely, broken hearted, with the past relationships and has been dissapointed"


woman (31) from Nairobi
Likes: Open minded,generous,sensitive and understanding.
Dislikes: Self centered, arrogance, narrow minded...stupid and sex maniacs.

"dont ask me about my self....coz i have no idea whatsoever.....but my friends say am laid back, sympathetic, generous...blah get"


woman (35) from Nairobi
Likes: Everyone
Dislikes: No One

"no comment"


woman (33) from mombasa
Likes: I like making friendship
Dislikes: People who feel better than others, LIARS

"I can be best described as optimistic, high spirited and broadminded. I love romance, freedom and I am very much future oriented. I am a physical"


woman (28) from NAIROBI
Likes: .......................................
Dislikes: ........................................



woman (85) from Saddams Palace
Likes: men in
Dislikes: cauliflowers...

"Is not smart....totally dumb!!!!!!! PS: No sex chats and No Relationships."


woman (54) from Nairobi
Likes: simple, straightforward and loving person
Dislikes: liars, proud people who talk big of themselves and those who take advantage of others

"I am down to earth, social, outgoing, kind and generous. I am straight forward when it comes to love though a real possesser. I would to get the"