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man (33) from Yangon
Likes: Athletic girls
Dislikes: Sleeping alone :-)

"Looking for a playmate in Yangon. Burmese or foreign. I`m an expat manager from Europe based in Myanmar for a couple of years. A man has needs ..."


man (24) from Yangon
Likes: Hot n open :-)
Dislikes: liars n not open

"I need who can fill up my desire!!"


man (30) from Yangon
Likes: freeing
Dislikes: constraintion

"I'm xo freedoms & own master"


man (27) from Yangon
Likes: women
Dislikes: men and gays

"My gmail.account is"


man (45) from Yangon
Likes: Nice sweet girl who is easy going, smart, open minded and playful.
Dislikes: dishonesty and playing game in relationship

"I was born in Europe but have lived and worked in some 70 countries. Came to Myanmar first time 20 years ago. Now back again for one year."


man (22) from yangon
Likes: sex
Dislikes: long term relationship

"Sex Girl ,"


man (20) from Yangon
Likes: beautiful face even her body is not cool
Dislikes: too shy and too proud

"I would like to meet a girl as my sex partner.I will do whatever she likes me to do.And she do what I like.But no rules and restrictions.Don't"


man (31) from Yangon
Likes: good attitude,charm appearance gal
Dislikes: LIERS

"want to meet true person to me"


man (32) from Yangon
Likes: Girls
Dislikes: -

"I have a room, drop me a message.."


man (31) from Yangon
Likes: Hot and happening girls
Dislikes: Sticky girls

"Prefer to meet with the one who like to live in the moment ... non sticky relationship.... humanity matters !"


man (21) from Yangon
Likes: meeting new people and hanging out
Dislikes: people who judge others

"I'm looking for someone to have fun with. No strings attached and have regular hookups or have a friend with benefits"


man (30) from yangon
Likes: pizza
Dislikes: dead fish

"someone who likes pizza and doesn't like the smell of dead fish"


man (35) from Yangon
Likes: all night long
Dislikes: selfishness

"smile, laugh and dance the night away with someone fun and beautiful"


man (34) from Yangon
Likes: to have sex.
Dislikes: drinking.



man (25) from Yangon
Likes: woman, woman, and woman
Dislikes: man

"I am an open minded man, who is willing to get some new friends especially women in Yangon - Myanmar. It's not only getting laid, but how me make"


man (29) from Yangon
Likes: Sex
Dislikes: Ignorance

"I want to meet a girl for real fun and sexual encounter"


man (39) from Kalay
Likes: chatting
Dislikes: silence

"wanna meet every one"


man (34) from yangon
Likes: passionate sex, doggy style, cowgirl, etc....
Dislikes: annoying, someone wife& liars.

"Juz who want the same desire.i m reasonable. I m very hungry. Easy 2 turn on."


man (30) from shan state
Likes: friend and fun
Dislikes: black

"I will tell u later"


man (24) from pyin oo lwin
Likes: sex
Dislikes: gay

"i want to meet sexy girl ........"


man (26) from Yangon
Likes: Women with experiences (especially Milf of age between 30 - 40 ), Long Straight Hair
Dislikes: Nth special

"Imma man who likes women around age between 30 - 40 with long straight hair ... With good experience ... Wanna spend time with u ladies... Wanna"


man (32) from yangon
Likes: girls
Dislikes: gay

"come on girls :)"


man (27) from yangon
Likes: Making Love !!!
Dislikes: Over acting !!!!

"I'm a male who want a sex female partaner for a moment."


man (23) from yangon
Likes: friends
Dislikes: boring words

"I will tell u later"


man (36) from Yangon
Likes: Music,specially Blues....
Dislikes: T_T

"Hi I'm from BURMA ,Rangoon ...I'm a Musician and Make living by making Music at my Own small/tiny home Studio.If here pples who luvs"


man (23) from Yangon
Likes: sex
Dislikes: without sex

"girl with smart and beautiful"


man (29) from Yangon
Likes: Romantic love, .....
Dislikes: Disappointment

"I would like to meet with someone who share with me romantic love and sex ...etc."


man (34) from Yangon
Likes: cute, sexy, goodhearted lady
Dislikes: proud, bad manner, older thane

"I am simple. But love sex sense. no strings love is welcome forever."


man (26) from Yangon
Likes: honestly, music
Dislikes: telling LIES

"I am Philipchan, also called me Ngelay. I m 24 years old and good-looking man. I would like to meet any girl who is tall and charming."


man (27) from Yangon
Likes: SEX
Dislikes: Proud ladies

"I want to meet with a nice girl who are looking for no strings attached sex relationship."


man (29) from yangon
Likes: women
Dislikes: men



man (23) from yangon
Likes: girl
Dislikes: gay

"sauk yan sar lone nay t"


man (29) from yangon
Likes: you
Dislikes: something

"I am a real man in yangon,Iwant to meet to outburst sex lady.If you want to joy to me,you can call my phone.It is....ask me..!"


man (27) from yangon
Likes: the gril with pussy
Dislikes: gay

"want to taste me if u contact yanlinn88@gmail. com"


man (24) from Mandalay
Likes: sex with girl
Dislikes: week sexy girl

"I live Mandalay. my mail is If your are between 20 and 35 old girl welcome to sex.... that is my job, do you know this job"


man (27) from yangon
Likes: freedom
Dislikes: sadness

"I'm freeman and I want to meet preety angel."


man (29) from yangon
Likes: Sexy gal with great body
Dislikes: Proud gals

"I want female frds who likes casual sex. We have fun like frds, we go out, we eat together, we sleep together. U may have serious relationship or"


man (32) from Rangoon
Likes: sweet
Dislikes: bad girl

"talk to me and I want to meet cute girl"


man (20) from Yangan
Likes: reading.
Dislikes: lazy and smoking.

" I am from chin state.I like listening."


man (36) from london
Likes: espiecially you, travelling and political commentary.
Dislikes: lier to others.

"i like social, happy type, friendly, clubbing, drink sometime out side with buddy."


man (30) from Yangon
Likes: nature
Dislikes: artificial

"i will tell youlater"


man (39) from xxxxx
Likes: Girl
Dislikes: Gay

"my sexual preference is middle age lady (above 35yrs)."


man (29) from Yangon
Likes: Perfect girl to be my ..................
Dislikes: Sluts,Lies and B*&%$

"I need friends and some love.......but not from some BITCHES!!!!!! However,if you like my buddy......K??? I chat FRI,SAT and"


man (38) from Mandaly
Likes: keeps other secret ,
Dislikes: gossip

". plz forgave me alll"


man (29) from Yangon
Likes: football
Dislikes: liar

"I am good young Baby."


man (34) from Pyin Oo Lwin
Likes: honesty
Dislikes: cunning,dishonest characteristics

" I'm a shan man who believes the authoritative sayings.I wanna meet and chat with just ladies who are really pretty and graceful and who believe as"


man (34) from Pyin Oo Lwin
Likes: honest society
Dislikes: inhonest behaviours

"All of friends here,I'm a 24-year-guy who wanna befriend with any beautiful and chaming ladies."


man (41) from Ygn
Likes: reading,meet friend,social, date
Dislikes: fishing

"I am a slim, 150lb,5' 8". I like romantic"


man (48) from Yangon
Likes: beautiful
Dislikes: pushy

"I am boyish and i'd like to meet someone girlish."