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man (42) from adb
Likes: afr
Dislikes: no

"ask me"


man (36) from addis abeba
Likes: dancing and music
Dislikes: I dislike the dishonest one

"I like a women. so if there is the intersted one . it is welcome"


man (27) from addis abeba
Likes: love
Dislikes: liar

"i*m Humedfrancelove.find me everywhere i'm here 4u.4more info*inbox*join"


man (25) from Addis Ababa
Likes: chatting
Dislikes: nothing



man (23) from addis abeba
Likes: I like intersting things
Dislikes: I dislike hopeless, give up, ...

"I am the guy who want real relationship. Honestly I never had girlfriend so I need girlfriend who want my first and my last"


man (21) from harar
Likes: genuine, love,honesty,friend.
Dislikes: laier

"i am 26 y.o and would like to meet honesty,kind,true friendship women"


man (29) from adiss ababa
Likes: reading books,watching movies , long walk , making exercise on sport or physical fitness
Dislikes: lier,cruel person and dirty people

"i am happy to get or to chat people like honest,real friend and communicative person and happy"


man (22) from dire dawa
Likes: chating,free talk,watching movies,listen to music...
Dislikes: be alone,hate people and cheating

"i am university student.wanna to meet women"


man (21) from addis ababa
Likes: football, watching movie, listening music, hang out, go to party have fun
Dislikes: lie

"i'm human being hhhhhhhhhh"


man (34) from addis ababa
Likes: good thoughts
Dislikes: bad thoughts

"i will tell u later.................................................."


man (19) from Jijiga
Likes: Fell Free about sex
Dislikes: Lie

"Any one ....."


man (44) from Johannesburg
Likes: Good Personality
Dislikes: Doing shit

"Am honest"


man (26) from AA
Likes: cute girls
Dislikes: hate, gossip, liar, racism...

"any girl intersted in friendship"


man (29) from shashemene
Likes: to know new idea
Dislikes: liers

"let discuss"


man (34) from Addis Ababa
Likes: Girls who care so much for who u r
Dislikes: digger

"well talk to me to know me"


man (31) from Mekelle
Likes: Reading, Swimming and relax in my lesure time, Helping (supporting) others
Dislikes: Gosping people, hurting people.......

"I'm a shy and not easy going person............ And I like a person who have a self confidence"


man (28) from Addis Ababa
Likes: Girls
Dislikes: lie

"sweat girl"


man (36) from addis abeba
Likes: humanity
Dislikes: selfish

"i am 4th year engineering student, i am free to discus any thing"


man (35) from addis ababa
Likes: music & sport
Dislikes: hungry

"nown peoples"


man (31) from addis abeba
Likes: walking,watching movies, reading novles news paper
Dislikes: i don't know; what i hate ok i rember it is.......

"I'm chemical Eng. i want to meet any person who like discusses about any thing "


man (29) from dilla
Likes: love
Dislikes: disease

"aperson who discuse about love and curreently world poltics"


man (32) from ADDIS ABABA
Likes: swimming very much,exercising,dancing watching football
Dislikes: unfaithfulness

"I will tell u when we meet!"


man (34) from Debrezeit
Likes: those women who are free to startfriendship.
Dislikes: women who are lier

"I am free in every thing.I am pragmatic about the present.I would like to meet with a woman who has good character and free like me."


man (29) from Addis Ababa
Likes: God
Dislikes: Devil



man (28) from A.A
Likes: I believe in liking people. Falling in love is easy. The world is rigged for romance: Hunk
Dislikes: I dislike people who do not act their age or act immature ,

"I'm a single looking for a beatifull lady or woman that is loving and caring.. I Want to Meet Beautiful Mature Ladies."


man (27) from addisabeba
Likes: entertaiment
Dislikes: jellesy

"you'll know later"


man (29) from Addis Ababa
Likes: everything for fun
Dislikes: ........................

"I'am Orthodox christian,I like watching movie,football match and listening music,I love human being. A person I would like to meet is interesting"


man (34) from ADDIS
Likes: drinking local beer
Dislikes: lie

"any girl who whishes to share an idea with me"


man (30) from addis abeba
Likes: i'll tell u later..........................
Dislikes: i'll tell u later.........................

"Hello hi every body am down to earth person who likes to have single and am hoping to meet real people, i know there is a honest man out"


man (25) from Addis Ababa
Likes: laugh,i am always on top for fun
Dislikes: liar people, people who dont know them selves,gossip

"the people with full confidence, girls chat about love,.............................."


man (34) from addis
Likes: swimming
Dislikes: smoking

"i like to discuss in any issue specialy in live "


man (30) from addis abeba
Likes: reading
Dislikes: racisem

"i would like to meet people"


man (30) from addis ababa
Likes: talking with ladies,wachin soccer,listenin hip hop,r&b
Dislikes: smokin,lien..

"i like to have a friendship with u girlz,,"


man (32) from addis ababa
Likes: ask me in a while
Dislikes: ask me in a while

"well ... i wish there is anything i would have to say it's better if u all find out 4 yourself LOL"


man (33) from Ad
Likes: Everthing
Dislikes: Nothing

"Any one Becouse there is something in different every one"


man (33) from Badme
Likes: Honest people
Dislikes: haters

"truely Ethiopian"


man (31) from Addis Ababa
Likes: honesty,peace,totake arisk than to live in fear,doing things passionately sweety girls
Dislikes: terorizm,flood,famine,selfishness,live for once own only,giveup,dishonesty

"I am about 28 years old ,goverment employeed have BA degree in mgt,live alone,good looker, possitivethinker,give value for all people,donot beleive"


man (31) from addis
Likes: to make a freind,traveling,watch film.....
Dislikes: Lying and bad people.

"Just try to write me and you will see."


man (94) from ADDIS ABABA
Likes: u like
Dislikes: hum...



man (28) from Addis Ababa
Likes: you
Dislikes: creepy stuff & any thing that messes up with my peace !!!

"i dont care !"


man (28) from Dessie
Likes: who wanna meet with me for long last as a friendship
Dislikes: talking too much without nothing

"i'm collage student and i wanna meet friends all over the world"


man (30) from addisababa
Likes: funnies,smiling,dancing and friendship
Dislikes: talking about other

"the one who like to entertain himself is my fevorite persone"


man (33) from Addis
Likes: honesty
Dislikes: lies & greed

"We'll see it later."


man (34) from addis ababa
Likes: free chat
Dislikes: reluctant

"gdsh sdg ghgj"


man (35) from addis ababa
Likes: discussions,educated woman and football
Dislikes: hunger and war

"any person specially woman"


man (32) from ADDIS ABABA
Likes: music, coffee, mountains, being cold, sleep together with you, romance, sweet guys
Dislikes: un known

"I'm a 24 years old college student, studing Computer science. I love romance, I'm single, I like to kiss, walk with my friends and very beautiful"


man (35) from Addis Ababa
Likes: Foot ball, wondering evergreen places
Dislikes: Too much talk

"After u chat with me I will tell me what kind of guy i am."


man (30) from mekelle
Likes: every thing clean and easy
Dislikes: over bosting,trustless people,lalitl bit rock.

"ask and know more"


man (34) from Addis Ababa
Likes: chating , exchanging ideas, laughter....
Dislikes: skeptics, cheating, ......

"Well , i don't wana say much bout my self cuz it is ur task to find out. But i like to meet any girl interested in freechat on any issue "


man (33) from Addis Ababa
Likes: passionate people
Dislikes: Unfairness of life

"A man who thinks or believes there is good in every one’s heart as long as you are patient to notice what that good thing is. Any one who are"


man (31) from addis ababa
Likes: FUN in everything,movies,programming, music, math, talking about logic and relationship
Dislikes: dishonesty, rude people, and going around the bush for everything

"I'm looking for a friendship. I'm a nice guy but not just a 'nice guy' hate to be called so. have seen too many movies."


man (33) from Addis
Likes: good ppl
Dislikes: bad things

"good honest ppl to chat with."


man (28) from addis ababa
Likes: TOM & JERRY
Dislikes: who is nat answer me!!!

"I wanna to talk with u only!!!!!!!! i am crazy........... ohhhhhh like u!!!!"


man (34) from Addis Abeba
Likes: fun
Dislikes: thinges which makes me sad

"as i said i like fun and i wana meet any body who wants to have fun with me."


man (32) from ADDIS ABABA
Likes: Sexy,sweet &funy......have a good habit
Dislikes: NOTHING expt if u don't have good habite



man (32) from addis ababa
Likes: good things
Dislikes: evil things,liar

"confidence in what i intended to work, to talk.honest in every thing.i like to chat with any person having good humanity and understanding"


man (29) from Addis Abeba
Likes: Someone who is confident
Dislikes: people who lives for a money

"Well when i think about life its kind of scary. so this days we can not trust any one except GOD. so how can we make a friend without a trust? May"


man (32) from dilla
Likes: ferindship
Dislikes: none

"females age between18-25 .thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111"


man (34) from addis ababa
Likes: listen music,sport, reading books, enjoy with my family and freinds
Dislikes: bad thing like cheting , etc

"i am free man and i need like that"


man (31) from addis ababa
Likes: reading foot ball
Dislikes: smoking

" I tell you later"


man (45) from Addis Ababa
Likes: watch tv, visit historical places
Dislikes: smoking,lies

"I am interested to be friends exchange of ideas about life and culture all over the world and interested in networking. Have nice time"


man (29) from addiss ababa
Likes: watching moves,listening musics etc
Dislikes: to quaral each other

"you know i look like good this is all about my self . i would like to meet a friendship girl"


man (33) from addis abeba
Likes: Soccer, Movies
Dislikes: Nothing

"I, good looking who is with good behavior,average body single living with a family working at addis Abeba Univristy"


man (31) from Addis Ababa
Likes: MUSIC
Dislikes: arrogant people

"i would like to meet ....ATSE TEWODROS"


man (37) from addis ababa
Likes: music
Dislikes: exam

"I'm free simple *not simple-minded...LOL!* am good at heart,openminded person. I like meeting new people,and like to have fun. I'll go with the"


man (33) from Addis ABABA
Likes: HONESTY,truth support things with reason
Dislikes: lies,corruption...

"i wanna some one who guides and teachs me the truth of life on the earth."